2017 PHP Trends

The end of 2016 was buzzing with 2017 PHP trends. Now, as we’re entering summer, let’s see if the various PHP trends are still relevant or if there’s something new in town. PHP Trends – PHP 7 accelerated adoption rate Experts are saying that PHP 7 should be adopted as fast as possible – it’s being backed by WordPress, Symphony and Magento. With a decrease of 50% in RAM consumption during request processing, it’s easy to see why. At the beginning of this year, one dev said it eloquently: „PHP has basically proven itself to be the jack of all … Continue reading "2017 PHP Trends"

Google I/0 2017: Why we’re excited about Cloud TPU

Google I/O is arguably the biggest and most publicized dev event of the year. On May 17th, Google again made headlines all over the world, but most outlets focused on just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s see what 2017 has in store from us and why you should sign up for Cloud TPU (if you’re a ML dev, at least). First off, Google Assistant is on its way to your home appliances – the latest update brings the abiity to schedule appointments through voice-recognition and support for a large number of devices.   As a natural continuation, Google Lens … Continue reading "Google I/0 2017: Why we’re excited about Cloud TPU"

7 Sysadmin Challenges in Daily Life

Are you a sysadmin, do you know one, do you plan on hiring one or are unable to communicate with yours? Since 1999, the year in which Sysadmin Day was set on July 29th in the US, this position is one that attracts hard-working, problem solver individuals, but comes with a few particular challenges, both for employee and employer. The role asks for long hours at the office, keeping up to date with the latest news in the field (or just the developer’s neverending ideas for improvement, whether they’re needed or not) and of course, making sure the system works, … Continue reading "7 Sysadmin Challenges in Daily Life"

How to run a fast WordPress Blog with Nginx and Caching on ClusterCS

WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging, presentations and much more. When the site starts having a nice amount of traffic, people often realize the loading speed needs to be improved. Whether you want more speed in order to improve the visitor experience, or because of SEO considerations or a combination of several factors, you will definitely come into contact with tutorials on how to use caching plugins, switch to an nginx web server setup and many other ideas more or less complicated. I will show how you in this post how you can achieve the most important … Continue reading "How to run a fast WordPress Blog with Nginx and Caching on ClusterCS"

Website Security: Data Leaks, One of the Main Concerns of 2017

Website security is one of the most important topics in nowaday’s tech landscape. For years, the Internet has been a Wild Wild West and, outside of banking, website security was probably the last thing on a web developer’s or online business owner’s mind. However, in recent years and after a few major leaks affecting companies like Sony or Yahoo, consumers and companies alike started feeling the need to know their data is safe and protected. While the whole industry is now abuzz with solutions designed to protect the data of people visiting websites, from credit card info to browsing habits, … Continue reading "Website Security: Data Leaks, One of the Main Concerns of 2017"

ClusterCS 1.2 – Quality of life improvements

Spring is here, and with it, a new 1.2 release for ClusterCS bringing improvements on the setup speed and stability as well as new features. 1. PhpMyAdmin Support You asked for it, and we listened. You can now manage MySQL databases through the preinstalled phpMyAdmin software which is integrated in our panel. For those of you that don’t know, phpMyAdmin is a free and open source tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL or MariaDB with the use of a web browser. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQL statements; or managing users and permissions. Now you can simply log into your Cluster CS account and visit your Domains menu from the panel interface and click Databases button associated to the domain you want to access. You will find there a new button called “Connect to phpMyAdmin”, by clicking it you will have direct access to your phpMyAdmin manager for the given database. Please do note that this feature is still in development, and that the remote connect functionality takes a couple of seconds to bootstrap. 2. SSH or FTP access Until now, the standard method of accessing your files when setting up a new domain was trough FTP. We’ve now improved the process, and you can easily enable SSH access to a new or existing domain, making your development so much easier whenusing modern PHP Frameworks that require CLI access. 3. Improved backup functionality As one of our legacy jQuery based interfaces we decided to focus on quality of life improvements while we are working on the new VueJS version. Choosing the components that you want to backup and the ability to choose locations (local server / cluster hosts / remote ftp locations) are now available for use. Backup scheduling lets you create multiple jobs to manage your backup strategy correctly 4. Improved Setup Options. While ClusterCS is has a powerful GUI for setting up new servers, we realize that some of the options might be overwhelming. ClusterCS now proposes a default setup plan using a load balancer (haproxy) recipe which contains several web servers that allow you make easy optimizations to your site server speed. In certain occasions, depending on your preferences, you may want to have a simpler or different setup which means changing the modules and settings to accommodate your requirements. The new recipes that have been added allow a quick reconfiguration towards simple Nginx-php or Apache-php setups, with more recipes in the making based on your feedback. 5. Easy SSL Setup (coming soon) Although this didn’t hit the mark for our 1.2 release, it’s in the latest stages of development. The feature will not only allow you the usual SSL steps setup, but also an easy to use click system for quickly setting up a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Automation is on the rise – and there’s nothing wrong with that

Automation, deep machine learning, AI, VR – so many things to keep up with, so many conflicting opinions. Let’s explore it for a bit, shall we? In industrial settings, automation is, of course, nothing new – factories have been relying on it to produce fast goods for decades. Nowadays, automation is pervasive in our society and has replaced dozens, if not hundreds of traditional jobs and careers. An old-school secretary became Siri and she’s in your pocket, a software that handles all your memos and guides you when you can’t find a new coffee shop in town. One of the … Continue reading "Automation is on the rise – and there’s nothing wrong with that"

eCommerce trends – What to expect in 2017?

Technology, by its definition, is always improving and always changing, and so eCommerce has to keep up with the trends. 2016 was the year of cloud hosting for online stores, so let’s see eCommerce trends we can expect in 2017. Are you ready to adapt to them? Mobile purchases outpace desktop transactions, customers’ expectations rise To keep it simple, mobile transactions are rising at a breakneck pace and customers have increasingly higher expectations. According to Gartner, ecommerce-driven mobile revenue will be up by at least 50% by the year 2017, so we’re looking at a major shift to desktops, moreso than … Continue reading "eCommerce trends – What to expect in 2017?"

Cloud storage – was it the right solution for your online business?

Cloud. For the past few years one of the biggest trends in tech was moving all your data to cloud storage, but was it the right solution for your online business? You probably make use of cloud storage for your online shop or even your personal data, but let’s see when is it time to leave the cloud and why. One of the most common mistakes companies make when moving to cloud storage is not buying the service package best suited to their needs. You can end paying for services you do not actually need. And waste a lot of … Continue reading "Cloud storage – was it the right solution for your online business?"

Software innovation…a burden?

Many organizations nowadays are working on developing a new software, a software meant to change things for the better, meant to improve something that is not working as it should, meant to make a difference on how things are done. Mostly everyone in this business strives to bring out the best piece of innovation and they all are driven by the same noble purpose of helping people improve their work quality, giving something that people might need in order to ease their lives. I read an article on www.forbes.com, some time back that got stuck in my mind up until … Continue reading "Software innovation…a burden?"