ClusterCS v2.04 Update

ClusterCS has reached its v2.04 release. In this update we are focusing on implementing customer-requested features, fixing various “papercuts” in the system in order to improve responsiveness and intuitiveness.

HTTP2 on HAproxy 1.9.4

HTTP2 is ready for CentOS7, Amazon Linux2 / Amazon AMI if you select HAproxy and self-SSL (Instead of through stunnel).… Read More

ClusterCS v2.03 Update

ClusterCS has reached the v2.0.3 version and we are here to show you what’s new.
In this update, we are addressing features requested by our customers, various updates and bug-fixes.

Postfix Cluster

In Clustering Environments, for Postfix, you can select a storage_location from the available ones on which the data will be saved, allowing you to manage your disk space more efficiently.… Read More

ClusterCS v2.02 Update

ClusterCS is here to bring a new update, reaching the v2.0.2 version.

In this update, we are addressing customer requested features by empowering developers with new tools, various improvements, and bug-fixes.

We value our customers and their requests matter, for which we are continuously providing support in the implementation of new features and services to satisfy their needs.… Read More