ClusterCS 2.2.4 Update

ClusterCS has reached its 2.2.4 update and we are happy to tell you what’s new.

In this update, we are focusing on revamping the e-mail section, bugfixes, and  UX improvements.


The e-mail section has been revamped to provide users with more options in terms of managing their e-mail addresses, the updates are as follows:

  • Added a Webmail button in the e-mail section – it redirects to webmail.yourdomain (If you are not using ClusterCS DNS services, make sure you have the DNS record set – You can follow this guide to find out more
  • You can now create and manage e-mail accounts associated to your domain aliases (Aliases are set on the Manage tab of your domain)
  • Added a search function, which filters e-mail, aliases, forwards or bccs to the input
  • Added BCC function – sets one or more e-mail addresses which receive a copy of the e-mails you send
  • Tables in the postfix database are now managed better, improving efficiency
  • Added catchall function – it will redirect all e-mails from not existing e-mail accounts to w/e you set –
    For existing setups, you should go to Servers -> Manage -> Postfix -> Custom -> Click Generate and edit the virtual_alias_maps and transport_maps to match the following lines – free support is available for this, feel free to Contact Us :

    virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/catchalls,mysql:/etc/postfix/
    transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport


  • Let’s Encrypt and Self-Signed certificate generation form now include own e-mail instead of last created sub-account
  • Fixed Installers under Development Environments to map file’s path correctly under the Tracked Files section
  • A wrong requirement name has been changed from gb to gd for installers under Development Environments
  • proftpd log file now exists
  • The default proftpd certificate has been renewed
  • Logging to file for MySQL service works as intended now

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account, give it a try!