Announcement: Let’s Encrypt will revoke a number of TLS/SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt, the free and open certificate authority has announced the fact that they will start revoking a number of TLS/SSL certificates due to a bug discovered in the 2020.02.29 CAA Rechecking Bug

The number of affected certificates is estimated to be 2,6% (3,048,289 out of ~116 million).

The revocations are starting from 2020-03-04 20:00 UTC with a deadline of 2020-03-05 03:00 UTC

In order to verify if your certificate is valid, please follow the tool they have provided:
Visit and fill in your website’s address.

If your certificate is affected, head over to the SSL tab within the control panel and re-issue the certificate in order to avoid unpleasant situations. You should also check your e-mails as they have been notifying people about the incident.

The official announcement can be found here along with more details about the on-going situation: Let’s Encrypt Official Announcement

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