ClusterCS – 3 Key Features of a Modern Control Panel

Have you ever wanted to install a new website on a self-administered server but had no time to set it up or just didn’t have the skills or experience for it? What does ClusterCS offer?

One of the biggest challenges a busy developer or sysadmin faces is having to juggle between managing servers and keeping everything under control with minimal downtime.… Read More

Sysadmin Perspective: My Thoughts on ClusterCS

These past few days I had the opportunity to test ClusterCS and, full disclosure, I liked it a lot. Therefore I wanted to share, because sharing is caring and so on.

Of course, my review comes from an experienced sysadmin perspective, but I think ClusterCS does a great job for less tech-savvy users, so I will try to be as straightforward as possible and delve into that aspect as well.… Read More