ClusterCS v2.03 Update

ClusterCS has reached the v2.0.3 version and we are here to show you what’s new. In this update, we are addressing features requested by our customers, various updates and bug-fixes.

Postfix Cluster

In Clustering Environments, for Postfix, you can select a storage_location from the available ones on which the data will be saved, allowing you to manage your disk space more efficiently.

In case of single server setups, Postfix will now use the storage_location to save mails. In case of servers with mounted drives for storage, this will allow using them instead of /var/mails.

Feature preview: MooseFS

MooseFS is a data-storage and data-replication file system. You can pick roles for each server (Master/Meta-logger/Chunk-server/Client) with full functionality and monitoring for services.

ClusterCS Overview Video:

We have created a quick Overview to showcase our control panel’s features in order to serve as a walkthrough for new users.

    • Improved monitoring responsiveness for services;
    • Fixed services link being sometimes wrong on Cluster setups;
    • UX Improvements.
Coming soon:
    • An automatic fail-over solution for MOOSEFS.

In case of the Master server suffering malfunctions or going offline, ClusterCS will automatically detect it and promote one of the Meta-Logger servers to Master. When the Master server is back up, ClusterCS will sync metadata and demote the Meta-Logger back to its original function.

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account, give it a try!