ClusterCS v2.04 Update

ClusterCS has reached its v2.04 release. In this update we are focusing on implementing customer-requested features, fixing various “papercuts” in the system in order to improve responsiveness and intuitiveness.

HTTP2 on HAproxy 1.9.4

HTTP2 is ready for CentOS7, Amazon Linux2 / Amazon AMI if you select HAproxy and self-SSL (Instead of through stunnel).

You have to check the 1.9.4 HAproxy version with the HTTP2 module.

HTTP2 for CentOS6 is not available yet, as it requires OpenSSL v1.0.2 or greater. We are working on a solution to support CentOS6 in the future.

GIT Package

ClusterCS now deploys the latest git version 2.21. The package’s name is ccs-git and it is installed under /usr/local/lib/clustercs/ccsgit to avoid conflicts with other possible packages that may require the default CentOS git version.

A path override is created as well for /usr/local/lib/clustercs/ccsgit/bin so git commands run from our package location.

The Development Environments section relies on the latest git features, especially the multiple work-trees which is not available in the default centos package.


    • After Clone > Redirect to the Success page;
    • Cancel button on delete domain now works as intended;
    • Pre-load tracked items;
    • Fix Services URL;
    • Missing Domain buttons on small resolutions;
    • Fixed delete environment to send delete files flag;
    • Fixed delete environments;
    • Issues on installers;
    • Delete SPEED rule confirmation;
    • CCSD monitor case for restart.
UX Improvements:
    • ClusterCS Features page updated with services;
    • Migrate *from* *to* Design;
    • Development Environment name limit set;
    • Display compatibility issues with other browsers (i.e Safari on Mac);
    • Migrate tracked files -> Message when nothing defined;
    • ClusterCS Logo SVG;
    • Development Environment Listing on non-vue;
    • Screen-shake while hovering over the bottom of the list failed entries;
    • Storage location Add_Domain;
    • KB small visual bug;
    • Development Environment msg missing theme directory;
    • Domain menu element not wide enough;
    • Radio buttons fixed.

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account, give it a try!