ClusterCS v2.02 Update

ClusterCS is here to bring a new update, reaching the v2.0.2 version.

In this update, we are addressing customer requested features by empowering developers with new tools, various improvements, and bug-fixes.

We value our customers and their requests matter, for which we are continuously providing support in the implementation of new features and services to satisfy their needs.

NodeJS / NPM support

We’ve introduced an initial setup of NodeJS / NPM through our package manager. The feature was often requested by our customers so they can easily support modern web technologies like Webpack, Laravel Mix or Vue CLI for creating awesome SPA applications or improving their frontend development workflow.

Just click the Manage button on one of your configurations and pick the NodeJS service.

clustercs nodejs service

Bugfixes and UX changes
    • Self Signed Certificates now correctly accept keys of 4096 length;
    • Enabled the hash extension on PHP by default;
    • Cleaned up dev environment UX to improve quick access for adding dev environments and labeling improvements;
    • Improved Mobile responsiveness for the customer’s dashboard and mobile menu;
    • Improved License Upgrade UX;
    • Fixed removing mysql ‘test’ database in some cases;
    • Fixed homepage logout redirect.

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account why not give it a try!