ClusterCS v2.06 Update

ClusterCS has reached its 2.06 version and we are excited to tell you what’s new. In this update, we are focused on bringing service updates and bugfixes.

MooseFS PRO:

MooseFS is a Software-Defined-Storage that eliminates points of failure for mission-critical applications with High Availability and High-Performance requirements.

Aside from the Free version, in our partnership with MooseFS we can now provide the 3.0 PRO version, which includes the Voter functionality, wherein cases of failure, a Master is automatically promoted, thus removing the human interaction and human error.

The pricing for the PRO version depends on the amount of storage so please contact us and request a quote.

With this feature, we can now provide a complete High Availability solution.

    • The stunnel service has been updated to the 5.5 version;
    • Apache can now use PROXY Protocol when backed up by stunnel (since the patch removal of x-forwarded-for).
    • SSL Renewal Issue – Fixed by agent updates;
    • PHP PDO is now correctly configurated on old setups.

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account why not give it a try!