ClusterCS 2.1.8 Update

ClusterCS has reached its 2.1.8 Update and we are here to tell you what’s new.

In this update, we are addressing various bugfixes and further improve the ClusterCS internal infrastructure.

Infrastructure Upgrade:

With the latest growth in traffic, some issues surfaced in the internal ClusterCS architecture. Customers are sometimes experiencing some delays while navigating the interface. We are addressing these issues as a 3 step plan.

Today, Tuesday, July 23rd, we have pushed the first code update which creates a prioritization framework for the internal messaging system. This allows interface calls to be handled with high priority and resolves time out detection mechanisms when certain calls had to wait in the processing queue longer than usual.

Two secondary hardware upgrades will follow shortly which will further increase the capacity of handling customer engines (the term we use for all the services that are working together for a ClusterCS account).

This will also allow for seamless scalability in the future. We assure you we are working continuously to improve and expand ClusterCS capabilities.

    • Server setups no longer fail with Postfix on Workers from missing pre-requisites.
    • Speed – Clear Cache rule no longer appears empty by default
    • SSL served through stunnel now works on NAT Networks
    • Apache now correctly applies configurations for Amazon AMI servers

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account, give it a try!