Potential problems and challenges for your servers and how Cluster CS brings the best solutions

Starting an online business isn’t easy, but becomes for sure profitable if it gets to function properly. There are two directions on which you have to constantly work, in order to have a functional website, application or full on platform capable of handling lots of users and activity.

These are:

    1. Technical knowledge for your online business
    2. Marketing knowledge for promotion and selling

In this article we will put the emphasis on the first part. What should you know about the unseen technical things in the back? Also which are the potential problems with servers that may occur and what are the solutions for them?

Whether you choose to use a dedicated server, or a VPS, you may want a more automatized set up and not worry too much about all the details regarding e-mails, data, security and so forth. Here are some problems you may encounter:

1. Problems with initial setup and configuration for your server;
2. Service Customization – you don’t necessary want to setup and manage services all the time;
3. You may encounter difficulties with your operation system and you need support;
4. You don’t have enough security for your data;
5. You don’t have the time to spend on server administration tasks;
6. You have a problem with your website speed;
7. Configuring an automated way for restarting services in case of failure;
8. Setting up multiple servers to serve up your website;
9. Setting up monitoring tools for your server;
10. Doing maintenance work like setting up cron jobs, log settings, dns options, mail accounts etc.

Regarding all the situations above, the services offered by Cluster CS – a modern web control panel, have a good answer for each one of the problems.

The first most important feature is the automation.
ClusterCS restarts your servers in case of errors and minimizing downtime, so your customers are not affected. Also offers a lot of monitoring so you know exactly what went wrong and when. Besides that, you just don’t need to configure by yourself too many things.

The problems with website speed are solved by offering Nginx and lighttpd support and by creating your own traffic and caching rules (using Varnish and Nginx). All these will improve the loading times on your website much better than a regular Apache-based hosting solution.

Let us know about your challenges and let’s discuss on how we can solve them together 😉