Shared hosting versus VPS & Dedicated Servers, a ClusterCS point of view

Before explaining why choosing ClusterCS is a smart choice for your business, let’s see the advantages of using VPS or dedicated servers instead of shared hosting.

Shared hosting has small prices, is already configured for you, has a control panel included with guaranteed support and maintenance services.
Yet, shared hosting doesn’t have dedicated resources: that means the resources of the server are shared with other customers and their websites.

Also, other disadvantages of shared hosting are:
1. Increased vulnerability, in case of security problems with the big servers or other accounts;
2. Increased exposure to problems – if a malfunction occurs with one random website (memory leaks, processor load blocking), then your online page could be blocked or affected too;
3. Reduced control over the available software on the server and over its parameters. (root access vulnerability, memory leaks, DDOS & other attacks).

When thinking about VPS or dedicated servers, even if they could be more expensive, or could require from the user more advanced knowledge, they have a set of very notable advantages.

A VPS (or virtual private server) is a type of server on top of a dedicated physical server being split into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual server gets resources and has capabilities of performing actions with its own operating system, having guaranteed resources compared with shared hosting.

VPS & Dedicated Server Advantages:
1. They have dedicated and guaranteed resources, all for your website.
2. Offer total control over software, parameters and server’s configuration.
3. VPN software can be installed for a secured access through a VPN tunnel.
4. Installation of custom applications and software (feature unavailable in shared hosting).
5. Higher performance because of the allocated amount of resources in terms of CPU usage, RAM and storage space.

Regarding all these aspects, we recommend you to put your website on a VPS, in order to benefit of the automation and configuration features that Cluster CS has to offer to your website.

Even if you are a SysAdmin or an online Business Owner, you just need to give a few clicks and ClusterCS will be set up for you.
You will then have access to a single dashboard from where you can easily manage all your servers.

ClusterCS is the most efficient solution on the market. With this cloud-based control panel and the help of an experienced support team, your focus can remain only on growing your website and the business you are in.