ClusterCS 2.1.0 Update

ClusterCS (a Software as a Service High Availability Control Panel) has reached its 2.1.0 update and we are happy to tell you what’s new!

In this update, we are focusing on improving the user experience, service updates, and bugfixes.

Our team has performed an Infrastructure Upgrade to ensure improved stability and performance for all of our clients.

    • PHP and php-devel packages have been updated;

The newest versions are:
PHP 7.0.33 / 7.1.28 / 7.2.17 and 7.3.4

    • Automatic back-ups are now available for MySQL Cluster;
    • Live-chat is now available on our Knowledge-base;
    • DNS guides have been updated in our in-page Helper,
My account section improvements:
    • Password / Details changed message has been updated;
    • Logs;
    • Teammates;
    • GDPR;
    • Allowed IP access;
    • VAT EU.
UX Improvements:
    • Status for disabled/maintenance domains;
    • SSH label changed to SFTP (SSH + FTP);
    • UI enhanced for Backup Jobs;
    • New Red Hat logo for index;
    • ClientArea fixes;
    • Sign-Up fields added;
    • Domains are sorted descending;
    • Logs- Available logging facilities name can now be edited.
    • Edit association for Database users fixed;
    • Custom postfix master.cnf now include SpamAssassin rules;
    • Pasted verification code no longer fail to process;
    • No more Lighttpd errors for domains that have an alias which is also added as a domain;
    • Blog responsive issues fixed;
    • Removed unwanted notification scrollbar;

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account, give it a try!