ClusterCS 1.5 Release – Fixing papercuts

After 3 months we present you with the new ClusterCS 1.5 release.  The primary focus for this release was on fixing various ‘papercuts’ in the system in order to improve responsiveness and ease of use. We did manage to introduce some new features as well that should help speeding up your website.

The website got a small makeover as well. You can find an improved page that showcases the features of ClusterCS  and various improvements to our documentation and support pages.

Custom Service Configs:
We’ve enabled custom config editing for the following services: apache, nginx, lighttpd, php, mysql / maria db (and galera cluster), more should follow soon.
This should allow you to easily add custom options to your setup. For best results make sure you’re keeping the ClusterCS variables. The next iteration will provide an interface for the tags and their properties, similar to the interface under the ‘Speed’ option.

Custom nginx config

Database User Custom IP Access:
You can now control from which IP addresses the database user is allowed to connect. For ease of use you can setup reusable global locations or you can specify it only for the current user.
Database User IP Access
Bugfixes and other improvements:
    • Multi licensing fixes.
    • Cronjob server option. You can now pick on what server your cronjobs should run.
    • Edit database users.
    • Fix database create option when multiple servers are available.
    • You can now edit your server credentials.
    • Speedup database backend management.
    • Varnish Caching. This is an initial release, we’re going to offer more options.
    • UI improvements and cleanup.
Coming soon:
    • Reseller support. You’ll be able to keep all of your licenses with separate usernames and passwords for your customers.
    • Redis cache.
    • Service management. Easily check your service status and start/stop/restart them.

Let us know what you think of this update and if you don’t have an account give it a try. it’s free.