Does your business need clustering? Here’s how you find out!

Nowadays, every business big or small, depends on IT,  whether it is for basic technicalities or more advanced tasks that need a greater expertise in the field. Almost every process or part of a business requires fast Internet connection to function properly and to improve the communication in and between departments and the general workflow of the organization.

Taking all these into consideration, the current trend that is taking over almost every organization and which consists in shifting to cloud, clusters or other solutions, like Cluster CS, a cloud-based Control Panel, does not surprise us. Their goal is to help you optimize and manage all your data in a more efficient manner.

But these solutions are not a perfect match for every business. So, in order to find out if this kind of  management solution is a great investment for your organization, ask yourself these questions:

Do I need scalability?

Server clusters will offer you scalability, which means that there is always room and the cluster  functionality won’t be affected by a big number of servers. Furthermore, with solutions like Cluster CS, you can manage all your virtual and  dedicated servers from o single interface. Basically, it will provide you with a unified view of your database clusters.

Is availability a priority?

If avability is critical for your business, then a clustering solution might be just the thing you need to improve it. This way, for instance, if one of your servers experiences some kind of malfunction or even worse, a critical failure, it won’t affect or interrupt your business. The worst thing that could happen is slowing the applications down, but no serious damage will be caused. Moreover, as soon as the problem gets fixed, everything gets back to normal.

Do I need an easier network management?

For businesses that doesn’t sleep and functions 24 hours a day, the simple fact of bringing the network down even for short periods of time, like an hour, is not a profitable option.  In situations like this, clustering could be a real life saver, as it allows maintenance at all times. An administrator is always able to perform maintenance without being bound to bring the application offline. By simply shifting some of the workload to another server, he will be able to fix the malfunctions.

Is my business growing rapidly?

If you know for a fact that your business will be growing fast, then you need to be prepared. Clustering you will not only keep up with your continuously expanding data, but it will also help you come to a better organization and management for your business. Needless to say, servers can be added without any consequences on their performances.

Does my business need maximum performance?

If your business is all about high-traffic applications, huge databases, complex programs performance might become an issue, especially if you must deliver reliable and consistent services. Clustering brings balance to the workload, thus offering a maximum performance.

Is easy maintenance needed?

Servers can be disconnected from clusters, which makes maintenance easier and an easier maintenance service means lower costs for your business and also fewer problems, which is always a good thing.

As to conclude, if your business is growing fast, needs high availability, maximum performance, scalability and also easy network management, then it might be a great idea to take into consideration a clustering technology.  And if you do, we encourage you to try Cluster CS, a cloud-based control panel that allows you to manage all of your virtual and dedicated servers from a single interface.