ClusterCS 1.1 – A simple firewall setup for all

Hello again. We want to thank everybody that sent us feedback so far, be it a bug report, suggestion or just a kind word.

I’m excited to announce ClusterCS 1.1, the first feature release since our official launch. This brings the possibility of defining custom firewall rules and also allows you to see what are the current default rules set up by the control panel.

ClusterCS 1.1 FirewallWe’ve also done some other small improvements and fixed some annoying bugs:

– added new feature – setup progress report with extensive per service setup information; this also works when updating your server setup;
ClusterCS Server Service Update
– responsive design fixes for: add server, cluster builder, email operations;
– added progress notification for delete domain;
– fixed ip binding for listening services such as Apache for servers using NAT routing (stay tuned for our VirtualBox local development setup with NAT routing and ClusterCS);
– added verification checks for errors caused by servers association during setup customization;
– fixed confusing errors related to initial user registration when the new user instance is created; (no more oops errors, but a proper notification stating the setup status).

Don’t forget, there is a Free plan available, so give it a try. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.