What a modern control web panel can do for your business

You probably heard it before a million times: having an online business is much easier than a traditional one. With lower operation costs and more affordable marketing options, an online business can afford you a lot of creative control.

As a normal business, however, being online isn’t without its risks – you will need to have a technical understanding of the process or a person in your team that can cover for the security, performance and reliability of your online presence.


A way for new business owners to simplify their work day is to choose a modern web control panel.

You probably have a web-hosting company but you noticed that their web control panel has a terrible interface, one that is clunky and not very user friendly.

ClusterCS is extremely user friendly – instead of requiring a knowledgeable sysadmin or developer, it automates the setup and lets you install a web control panel on a VPS at the push of a button.

The next big way a modern web control panel like ClusterCS can help you manage your business better is the speed with which it you can set up your website. With just a few clicks you can set up your website, create emails for your employees and be ready for possible customers.

On the more technical side, a modern web control panel should have features that put the emphasis on automation. ClusterCS restarts your servers in case of errors and minimizing downtime, so your customers are not affected, and also offers a lot of monitoring so you know exactly what went wrong and when.

Last, but not least, a good control panel can and should help improve your website’s loading speed. By offering Nginx and Lighttp support and by creating your own traffic and caching rules, ClusterCS will improve the loading times on your website much better than a regular Apache-based hosting solution.

A modern web control panel makes the sysadmin’s job much simpler. If you’re a small business without the resources to hire a sysadmin or an experienced web developer on a constant basis, ClusterCS can automate a big part of that workload. It will handle a large part of a sysadmin’s day to day responsibilities and allow you to direct your financial resources on what really matters: growing your business.

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