ClusterCS 1.4 Released with Galera Cluster

ClusterCS 1.4 brings support for Galera Cluster on top of MariaDB. Galera Cluster offers true Multimaster Mysql synchronous replication in order to help with read/write heavy database operations. In addition to that we’re making it easy to serve your Galera Cluster setup trough HAProxy load balancer for optimum serving performance.

This release also brings bugfixes, performance improvements and configuration optimizations based on our clients feedback.

    • Fixed a case when Let’s encrypt wouldn’t automatically renew;
    • Improve SSL certificate flow;
    • Fixed a bug in the custom config for the `Speed` traffic manager when the custom config was two configuration edits behind.;
    • Fixed missing NFS service restart when editing cluster storage location;
    • Improved remote FTP backup;
    • Improved cluster setup flow;
    • Fixed associating servers cluster server editing;
    • Added $scheme for nginx cache_key to cover http to https redirects;
    • Fixed domain alias redirects in haproxy and SSL redirects;
    • Made index.shtml as the default serving for the apache index file;
    • Added haproxy no cookie option;
    • Updated packages for PHP, postfix and dovecot;
    • Allow NAT ip’s to be used internally for stunnel;
    • Fixed handling firewall management on a server without the iptables service.

We also started working on multi-license and sub-accounts management in order to simplify user management for reseller accounts.

Soon to come:

    1. Varnish cache (including integration with `Speed` for easy rule setup);
    2. Redis;
    3. Cronjob management improvements.