Let's Encrypt Control Panel

ClusterCS 1.3 – Let’s encrypt for the masses

It’s July 3’th, and that means we have a new 1.3 release.

This brings a lot of under the hood optimizations and fixes as well has new features.

1. SSL Management (Self Signed, CSR’s and Let’s Encrypt)

Now you can secure your domains using a simple GUI interface. Since we’re also big fans of Let’s Encrypt and HTTPS everywhere we’ve made it so you can easily add a certificate with a couple of clicks. You can read their FAQ  for more information. As an added bonus, we’re taking care of the 90 days automatic renewal for you so you don’t have to.

2. Improved Cronjob validation

We’re not checking your cronjob recurrence making sure it’s only using valid options and modifiers.

3. Improved the Cluster and Server creation screens

The improved UX should explain better what are the requirements for adding a server and what are the available servers for your cluster setup.

4. Better error handling.

Since ClusterCS is a completely remote solution even panel to core communication might get interrupted sometimes. We’ve made significant improvements on lowering the occurrence rate of the timeouts and improved the spread of the automatic reconnect across the majority of the control panel options.

Installing SSL is only the beginning, check out this post from Cloudliving.com to make sure not to mess up your site in the process.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi you let us know.