eCommerce trends – What to expect in 2017?

Technology, by its definition, is always improving and always changing, and so eCommerce has to keep up with the trends. 2016 was the year of cloud hosting for online stores, so let’s see eCommerce trends we can expect in 2017. Are you ready to adapt to them?

Adapt to the eCommerce trends of 2017

Mobile purchases outpace desktop transactions, customers’ expectations rise

To keep it simple, mobile transactions are rising at a breakneck pace and customers have increasingly higher expectations. According to Gartner, ecommerce-driven mobile revenue will be up by at least 50% by the year 2017, so we’re looking at a major shift to desktops, moreso than in previous years.

These payment options will bring you more conversions and will make sure you are satisfying your customers needs. However, there are still many people who don’t feel comfortable giving out their credit card numbers to E-commerce stores. Thankfully, there are many alternate payment options for stores, from PayPal, to Visa, MasterPass by MasterCard, ApplePay, Google Wallet or even BitCoin.

Consumer awareness and privacy concerns rise, customers demand data protection

Still, if you run a business great reviews and plenty of loyal customers, they trust you enough to give you their data, which brings us to the most important point – server security.

We know that, when managing an online business, tasks keep piling up and it’s hard to find time for „non-essential” aspects. Don’t let server security to fall low on the list of priorities, try to save time somewhere else.

You can choose a server management solution like ClusterCS, which offers set up automation, comprehensive reports and a host of other tools designed to save time. Afterwards you can take advantage of that saved time (and costs!) and focus on security.

Ads customization is rising, bandwidth costs moreso

Ads customization is rising – re-targeting is no longer the main tool that gets conversions. 2017 brings smart, complex ads that have to be delivered to the right people at the right time. These ads will have a larger conversion and click-through rate so a marketing campaign will bring a larger influx of visitors to your website.

This can spell into server strain and customers experiencing slow loading pages or even downtime. Improve page loading times by joining your servers in clusters, monitor traffic closely and have a safety net. ClusterCS offers those tools, including automatic restarts and comprehensive reports.

We are not an universal solution for server management and market challenges, but we know the eCommerce trend. Because of this, we offer a tool designed to save time, cut costs and allow you to focus on adapting your business to the growing customers’ demands.

This article highlighted some important changes in the landscape, but what do you think are the main eCommerce trends for 2017? Join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter and, if you’re curious, do check out the free ClusterCS plan.