E-commerce cluster: How clustering can help your online store

There is no denying that nowadays more and more customers prefer to shop online, their purchases ranging from electronics, gifts, toys, furniture or even groceries. When it comes to e-commerce cluster this one of the least used words but one that should be in everyone’s minds when talking about server loading times.

Seeing that were fast approaching the holiday season and just got over Black Friday, its important for e-commerce platforms to ensure smooth navigating experiences for potential customers. Nothing spells bad sales and lost conversions quite like an online store with pages loading slowly or an unresponsive shopping cart.

More than half of e-commerce stores claimed they lost conversions (so actual money! ) because of performance and stability issues with their servers. Seeing how Black Friday and Christmas are the most profitable periods for any store, this is quite a problem.

Let’s see how clustering can help your online store!

Server clustering is one of the cheapest and mot efficient ways you can ensure your site performs well during high-traffic periods like Black Friday or the holidays. It deploys redundant infrastructure to help sites perform during high load times, maintaining the stability and performance of the servers. It is also a scalability solution that allows you to add extra nodes when the demand on the servers rises or when your business has plans to expand.

Brick-and-mortar stores are losing the battle with ecommerce stores precisely because the latter ones are more convenient and fast for the customers. Potential customers wanting to make a big purchase (or more smaller ones) will become frustrated by a page that loads in 10 seconds or more. They will be even more frustrated if the shopping cart is not working properly and they have to navigate the slow-loading website again. Why risk losing sales when you could use server clustering?

ClusterCS is a powerful clustering tool, allowing you to join compatible servers together, no matter where there located. On top of that, you can manage all your servers, digital ocean and amazon alike, from a single, sleek interface that also provides valuable metrics and insights. Your sysadmin will definitely appreciate the setup automation and the possibility of tweaking settings even during installation.

Go ahead, try the free plan now, it works on up to five domains! Its entirely free, no credit card info required, and its designed to show you just how powerful ClusterCS can be.

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