Sysadmin Perspective: My Thoughts on ClusterCS

These past few days I had the opportunity to test ClusterCS and, full disclosure, I liked it a lot. Therefore I wanted to share, because sharing is caring and so on.

Of course, my review comes from an experienced sysadmin perspective, but I think ClusterCS does a great job for less tech-savvy users, so I will try to be as straightforward as possible and delve into that aspect as well.… Read More

What a Modern Control Web Panel Can Do For Your Business

You probably heard it before a million times: having an online business is much easier than a traditional one. With lower operation costs and more affordable marketing options, an online business can afford you a lot of creative control.

As a normal business, however, being online isn’t without its risks – you will need to have a technical understanding of the process or a person in your team that can cover for the security, performance and reliability of your online presence.… Read More

What is ClusterCS?

Imagine one single dashboard from where you can manage all – we mean all your servers with full domain management and many other important features. Imagine a feature-rich Control Panel…


From our discussions over the years with developers all over the world, from experiences with overloaded websites, feedback from clients, complicated situations and extreme needs combined with many nights spent at the office;  our team has put all of these experiences and facts together and developed a new Control Panel.Read More