ClusterCS 2.1.0 Update

ClusterCS (a Software as a Service High Availability Control Panel) has reached its 2.1.0 update and we are happy to tell you what’s new!

In this update, we are focusing on improving the user experience, service updates, and bugfixes.

Our team has performed an Infrastructure Upgrade to ensure improved stability and performance for all of our clients.… Read More

ClusterCS v2.04 Update

ClusterCS has reached its v2.04 release. In this update we are focusing on implementing customer-requested features, fixing various “papercuts” in the system in order to improve responsiveness and intuitiveness.

HTTP2 on HAproxy 1.9.4

HTTP2 is ready for CentOS7, Amazon Linux2 / Amazon AMI if you select HAproxy and self-SSL (Instead of through stunnel).… Read More